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Sonatur healing skin of Psoriasis sufferer over a 6 week period.


A lady with psoriasis was referred to a doctor who uses our Sonatur healing balm. After going to many dermatologists she needed a miracle, and the doctor she saw recommended Sonatur.

Within a few weeks there was a visible difference after using Sonatur's healing balm which assisted in clearing her skin and providing relief from psoriasis.

Skin Cancer

Diane, a car guard attendant was a skin cancer sufferer.

After noticing her condition, Sonatur assisted her with a bottle of Skin Treatment to use on her face.

She applied it twice daily and 10 weeks later there was noticeable improvement in her skin condition.


A lady in Durban, South Africa sent a photo of her daughter who had been badly sunburnt on her shoulders and arms.

She applied Sonatur Skin Treatment 3 times that afternoon, evening and again the next morning.

By the following afternoon the redness and burning sensation had gone and her skin did not blister or peel.

Photos were taken on day 1 and day 2.