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Psoriasis Moisturizing Creams

Sonatur Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream assists in soothing inflamed areas of your skin caused by dry, red skin patches or silvery scales and plaque on your body or scalp, calming itchy or tender skin from psoriasis.

This cream is non oily, smells great and quickly absorbs into your skin. It is ideal to use on your scalp for Scalp Psoriasis because it is non oily or sticky and can be applied at night too.

Sonatur Psoriasis moisturizing cream or balm is made with Rose Geranium essential oil which rejuvenates your skin from the inside out, soothing inflammation and flare ups. It relieves and restores your skin from scar tissue, pigmentation and assists with cell regeneration.

Sonatur Psoriasis Skin Care cream restores the natural oils in your skin ensuring your skin and scalp is hydrated with the right mix of natural ingredients. The cream also assists in soothing your itchy scalp and reducing unsightly dandruff.