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My Dad's Psoriasis Story

Your experience with skin issues may be similar to mine and my family's.

Have you been searching for solutions and feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of products and claims? Sonatur Skin Care is not a quick fix, but it can be the start of a journey towards healthier decisions and a better lifestyle.

This journey is personal for my family, as it was developed as a tribute to my father who struggled with psoriasis throughout his adult life.

He had to use harsh, tar-based products which caused itching and flaking, and affected his and my mother's relationship.

We eventually found that using essential oils from Rose Geranium in combination with a moisturizing cream helped to nourish and restore his skin.

We now extract these oils from our own rose geranium plants on our farm to make Sonatur Skin Care Natural Moisturizing creams.

You can learn more about the benefits of Rose Geranium and the lifestyle changes that can improve your skin here.