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Sonatur Testimonials

Sonatur Skin Care for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Anti-Aging, Blemishes and Pigmentation

"The Psoriasis healing balm has been an absolute life saver" - Jenni C (Capetown)

"I have been using this amazing range of Sonatur Skin care for the last 5 years and the difference in the elasticity of my skin, as well as the silky soft feel beats everything I have ever used. Value for money is also excellent" - Nerene S (Pretoria)

"Uit ervaring en met oortuiging kan ek meedeel dat ons die 'skin-treatment' room baie benut. Veral virskaaf van vel tussen bene (soos wanneer oefen) en/of onder die arms. Met sweiswerk met asetileen gas het ons seun gebrand en die aansmeer daarvan het die brand dadelik verlig en het hy ook geen nagevolge van die brand oorgehad die volgende dag nie. Dieselfde ervaring met sonbrand buiten as 'n lieflike bevogtiger saans, is dit 'n handige medisinale room." -Magdalena, (Harrismith)

"My blemishes are visibly less in under 4 weeks and the dark marks under my eyes are lighter. My mom even asked me if I'm using skin lightening cream! It's the first month I haven't had break outs, and my skin texture has improved and it doesn't feel tight and dry anymore. When I saw my my doctor recently she said I seem to be ageing backwards!  I love the Sonatur Skin Treatment and I've seen a big difference in 30 days. I'll definitely keep using it. Proud to be 39. Trusted, recommended and safe to use" - Nerisha D (Johannesburg)

"Incredible face cream, I highly recommend Sonatur Skin Care" - Kerry H (Ballito)

See photo testimonials below:


Bruce from Sonatur noticed Errol's skin condition when he was out shopping. He approached him and shared his story of his own father’s psoriasis and how he had developed Sonatur healing balm to help his dad. Errol took his details and called Bruce two weeks later, wanting to try the psoriasis cream as his skin was dry, red and inflammed and he didn’t feel he could cope any longer. He started using the cream, and his wife documented his progress. After three weeks, he called again to say his skin had improved dramatically and he needed more cream. Six weeks later, his skin had cleared and his psoriasis was manageable.  This is his photo diary over a six week period.


Mrs X (who would prefer to remain anonymous), a psoriasis sufferer, had been to many dermatologists for her condition. She was referred to a general practitioner who used our Sonatur healing balm and he recommended she use Sonatur’s Psoriasis cream. Within a few weeks of using the healing balm, there was a visible difference in Mrs X’s skin, with reduced white scales, and relief from dry, itchy skin.

*note that only 3 photographs were provided

Skin Cancer

Diane, a car guard in the Hayfields area of Pietermaritzburg suffered from skin cancer.  Bruce noticed her condition and offered her a bottle of Skin Treatment to use on her face. She applied it twice daily and 10 weeks later there was noticeable improvement in her skin condition. We lost touch with her after then, so unfortunately cannot supply any further follow up photos.


A customer in Durban sent two photos to show how Sonatur Skin Treatment had helped alleviate her daughter’s badly sunburnt arms and shoulders. She applied Sonatur Skin Treatment to her skin three times that afternoon, evening and again the next morning.

By the following afternoon the redness and burning sensation had gone and her skin did not blister or peel.

Photos supplied were taken on day 1 and day 2.