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Sonatur Photo Testimonials


"Dry, red, and inflamed skin can be so debilitating but with Sonatur healing balm your skin can be restored and soothed.

Our natural formula was developed by Bruce, who was inspired by his own father's struggle with psoriasis.

When Bruce met Errol, he knew he had to share his story and offer a solution. Errol was skeptical at first, but after trying our balm, he couldn't believe the difference it made in just three weeks.

His skin had cleared and his psoriasis was manageable. See the incredible transformation for yourself with Errol's photo diary, documenting his journey to clear skin in just six weeks with Sonatur healing balm."


Frustrated from trying countless treatments for your psoriasis.

Mrs X, a sufferer who prefers to remain anonymous, found relief with Sonatur healing balm. Recommended by a general practitioner(GP), our powerful formula quickly reduced white scales and provided relief from dry, itchy skin.

Experience the visible difference in just weeks with Sonatur's Psoriasis cream."

*note that only 3 photographs were provided

Skin Cancer

"Regain your confidence and achieve healthier, clearer skin with Sonatur's Skin Treatment.

Diane, a car guard in Pietermaritzburg, was struggling with skin cancer until she tried our powerful formula. Applied twice daily, she noticed a significant improvement in her condition in just 10 weeks.

Unfortunately, we lost touch with her so we don't have follow-up photos, but you can trust that our treatment can make a real difference in your skin's health. Don't wait, try it for yourself today."


"Say goodbye to the pain and discomfort of sunburn with Sonatur Skin Treatment. One of our customers in Durban had to try it on her daughter's badly sunburnt arms and shoulders and the results were amazing.

After just one day of applying our treatment three times, the redness and burning sensation were gone and her skin didn't blister or peel. See the difference for yourself with before and after photos taken on day 1 and day 2.

Don't let sunburn ruin your summer, trust Sonatur Skin Treatment for fast and effective relief."