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After Sun

If you are an active person that spends time outdoors 

  • working each day in the hot sun on site, on the farm, on the water/sea, or a
  • sports person training day in a day out, aiming to beat your PB but feeling the beating of the sun on your body and face, or
  • simply a weekend warrior shooting for the stars but melting in the sun, or
  • following outdoor activities like gardening, walking or watching different sport or cultural events

Then we have the best natural skin AFTER SUN Skin Treatment for you 

This skin cream is natural and organic, so you don't have to worry about adverse side-effects or unwanted chemicals penetrating your skin. 

Made with rose geranium essential oils direct from Field 2 Face and body. These essential oils contain anti-aging properties helping you to keep your skin nourished with the right balance that nature provides.

Apply Sonatur Skin Treatment After Sun to your face and body as soon as you can do so during the day or once you have showered allow your body to cool down and then apply to face, neck and body or wherever the sun has taken its toll on you. 

The cream is non oily. not sticky, absorbs quickly and smells great too.