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Sonatur Skin Care Giving Back

Background to the development of Sonatur skin care products

Walk in the Light is a Christian ministry based in Haniville outside Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. The farm was purchased by Bruce Taylor in 2005 to help support the work of the ministry in Haniville and to create local employment and in turn giving back.

The farm was purchased by Bruce Taylor in 2005 to help support the work of the ministry in Haniville and to create employment for African people from the community.

In 2010 we had 20 acres of land expropriated by the South African government to build a huge fuel pump station pumping fuel from Durban to Johannesburg.

Expropriated land and pump station built by SA government of Walk in The Light Land

The pump station was built and as it has a 20 acre concrete footprint, storm water was accumulated on site and has been discharged onto our crop lands damaging a further 15 acres of land.

This combined acreage represented more than 50% of the initial farming area and as a result decimated our cash flow.

on the 17th July 2014 in incredibly dry and windy conditions we had a fire put into the farm by youths trying to run away from being arrested for stealing sugar cane from my neighbour. 93% of the remaining crop lands were destroyed in this fire and the result was devastating.

Huge fire with flames of 50 feet and more approaching house and church at Walk in The Light

fields of rosemary burnt

burnt fields

The only field to survive was our Rose Geranium field and that was a clear message from God that we needed to continue growing and expanding this crop.

Bruce Taylor met a man from Pakistan who is a missionary here in South Africa in August 2014 just after the devastating fire. This man prophesised over Bruce and the ministry, and knowing nothing about the ministry or Bruce, said that we are going to manufacture a balm…….a healing balm …… like the healing balm of Gilead.

As he was praying this missionary kept rubbing his hands and then prophesised that this healing balm will help many people with skin problems from head to toe and will be sold all over South Africa and exported into Africa, Germany, England and America.

We have continued to perfect the healing balm through research and development and testing. Sontur skin care- Natural healing balm has had amazing results not only on humans but also animals with skin problems.

To say that the results have been phenomenal is an understatement and we give God all the glory for leading and encouraging us to pursue the development of this healing balm.

Sonatur is a brand of products manufactured at Walk in The Light

The profits from the sale of Sonatur skin care products.

The profits from the sale of Scent of Nature products is used to sustain and support Walk in The Light and its employees.

Giving Back

Our ministry is devoted to help meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of families in the local township of Haniville.  

Our Mission

We do the small things, God does the big things.

We believe God calls us to put our faith and love into action (James 2:14-17). Within the township of Haniville, there are 10,000 people living in extreme poverty, of which over 60% are HIV positive, and 39% are unemployed.


Our hope for the future of Haniville is to provide more jobs for local people. By expanding our Rose Geranium fields and other essential oil crops, we can create sustainable employment, income, and job training for more people. By continuing to provide transportation services, we enable access to health and financial services which will reduce the percentage of HIV and death rate within the community.

Our goal is to build a conference centre overlooking the community, equipped with medical facilities, a pre-school and development centre. 

We strive to increase the overall quality of life through six areas of impact.


  • By providing free transport to and from local clinics, hospitals, and government offices, we enable people can consistently get their medication, and have access to government pensions.

Faith Building

  • We believe in faith in action (Matthew 25) and have church services, pastoral counselling, and youth and young adult programs, in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning about Jesus.


  • We distribute any donations of food and clothing to the local community.

Teaching sustainability

  • Provide garden space and teach families how to grow vegetables.

Employment and community engagement

  • We employ local isiZulu people for various jobs within the ministry, providing job skills and enabling them to provide for their families as we grow our ministry together.

Service Projects

  • We help build and restore homes, visit and encourage the sick and provide safe a recreational environment for both young and old.