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SONATUR - Skin Treatment - Face and Body 200ml

 Sonatur Rose Geranium helps minimize inflammation of the skin and tissue while it improves circulation. The body is protected from any infection due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It helps revitalize normal body tissue minimizing the rapid production of cells. 


As a constituent in a blended cream or lotion, Sonatur rose geranium essential oil can be used for clearing sluggish and oily skin, as well as wound, burn and ulcer healing and has value to treat eczema, shingles, cellulite, ringworm, and bruises

Do you look in the mirror and see blemishes, pigmentation, pimples  and wish you could look and feel amazing?

Sonatur Skin Treatment or Anti-Aging cream will help you clear blemishes or acne, and nourish dry skin, giving you a velvety skin texture that people will compliment you on.

Amazing skin results, my blemishes

are visibly less within 30 days

Nerisha, Johannesburg, South Africa
(Sonatur customer)

All Sonatur Skin Care products contain pure 100% pure Rose Geranium essential oil, which is a natural cleanser and hydrator.  Our products are free from parabens and preservatives and the essential oils we use are grown organically on our organic farm, with no pesticides or herbicides.

Skin Benefits:

  • clearing sluggish and oily skin
  • assists with acne, and pimples
  • assists with cuts and wounds
  • reduces scar tissue and uneven skin tone


  • natural cleanser and hydrator 

Anti-aging agent:

  • restores the elasticity of the skin
  • keeps skin from premature sagging and cellulite

Relieves stress and anxiety:

  • improves sleep quality (massage into your feet before bed)

Our skin care range contains aqua (water) cosmetic grade natural white oil, cosmetic grade binders, lanolin, and organic rose geranium.

Our products are all safe for babies and children but use of essential oil based products is not recommended during pregnancy.