SONATUR - Skin Treatment - Face and Body 7fl/oz 200ml


Moisturizer – The essential oil of Rose Geranium acts as a natural cleanser and hydrator. This essential oil also serves as an anti-aging agent as it tightens muscle tissues, keeping the skin from premature sagging and cellulite.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety - Due to its soothing effect, this essential oil is also ideal for improving sleep quality.(Massage into feet before going to bed).


The power of geranium oil to revitalize body tissues providing extreme beneficial effects on the skin is the property that makes geranium oil as one of the best essential oils for psoriasis treatment. Geranium helps minimum inflammation of the skin and tissue while it improves circulation. The body is protected from any infection due to its anti-bacterial properties. It helps revitalize normal body tissue minimizing the rapid production of cells.

It offers psoriasis sufferers a leeway to relax. This essential oil is also a popular treatment for skin disorders like acne and psoriasis because of its healing antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It is the revitalizing property of the oil to the body tissues that offered high potency to particularly treat psoriasis.

General - As a constituent in a blended cream or lotion, rose geranium essential oil can be used for clearing sluggish and oily skin, as well as wound, burn and ulcer healing and has value to treat eczema, shingles, cellulite, ringworm, and bruises

Ingredients : Aqua, Cosmetic grade natural white oil, cosmetic grade binders, lanolin, organic rose geranium.



Not to be used during pregnancy

Safe for use on children

Scent of Nature is produced at Walk in The Light and profits from the sale of this product are used to support this mission ministry