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Sonapet Animal Skin Care Testimonials

SonaPet is a natural moisturising skin care cream for horses, dogs and cats.

Sonapet was developed using essential oils grown at source on our farm. Sonapet Natural Skin Care Cream assists problem and sensitive skin on animals like Horses, Dogs and Cats affected by mange, hot spots, itchy skin. Stimulates hair growth on animals.

Animal skin care applied to a dog 3 times daily to infected area of the heat spot with itchiness showing visible results within days and clear healing after 3 weeks

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Animal skin care applied to a horse with mange around his right eye 5 times daily to infected area with visible results after 9 days

Day 1

Day 6

Day 9

Nerene Moore, Gauteng on Feb 06, 2020 

We use this product at our animal shelter where we treat up to 1000 animals a year.

We have had amazing results with healing skin issues on our animals.

Keep up the good work